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Women, Wine, and Unwanted Jewelry

November 29, 2011

Everyone has heard of a Tupperware party, where a group of housewives get together to hear about and buy the newest products available for managing household kitchen needs. Though the parties were most popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s, they still take place today. The Tupperware party played an important part in the development of the feminist movement, as it allowed women to earn income while still maintaining traditional domestic roles, and thus helped further the transition of women into the workforce at large. The hostess of the Tupperware party would gather friends at her house and garner a 10% commission from the total sales booked at the party. Thus the hostess benefited both socially and financially, and the party became a way for companies to forge emotional bonds between their products and their customers.

Direct marketing parties are still a source of profit for the host, but are now also a way to fund raise for charities, churches, and schools. This direct marketing strategy has been adopted by other industries over the years from chocolate to skincare products to adult novelties… and now gold. But in this case, the company pays the participants rather than the other way around. Gold party goers pocket cash the very same day.

Why sell your gold, and why organize a party to do it? As a result of the recession and the declining value of the dollar, the price of gold has skyrocketed. Another result of the recession is high unemployment. Selling gold for cash has become a popular way to alleviate these financial problems. Organizing a gold party is even more profitable. That’s because the party host makes 10% of the total dollar amount of gold purchased at the party.

There are multiple companies offering this service, but the best is Party4Gold. That’s because Party4Gold is owned by CJ Environmental, Inc. CJ Environmental, whose other properties include Cash for Gold USA, Cash for Silver USA, and Cash for Diamonds USA, has been in business for almost 35 years as the nation’s premier precious metals re-claimer and refiner.

So gather your girlfriends, and sell your gold. Women, wine, and unwanted gold jewelry will make for a memorable occasion. It’s a great opportunity to commiserate over bad breakups—you can get rid of all the jewelry he gave you, and the bad economy—you’ll make money in the process.

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