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Gold Parties are similar to the Tupperware parties of the 1980’s. Here’s how it works:


The host of the party invites all of his or her friends, family and neighbors over for a Gold Party – where people bring all of their unwanted or broken Gold Jewelry and Sterling Silver Items to sell for cash! One of our certified Gold Buyers (Party Rep) will be at the party to appraise the items and cut you and your friends a check on the spot. Having a Gold Party is a great way to get together with good friends, family and neighbors while getting paid!


Not only will your Party4Gold Rep be there to make on the spot appraisals and settlements for your gold & silver items, but your Party Rep will help you plan your Gold Party from start to finish.


All of are Party Reps are Certified Gold & Silver buyers who offer true market value for your jewelry, based on the weight and purity of your gold & silver items.


PARTY 4 GOLD is the fun and easy way for you and your friends to sell all of your old, unwanted or broken gold jewelry that’s been sitting around collecting dust! PARTY 4 GOLD is the latest and most exciting opportunity from CASH FOR GOLD USA: America’s #1 Gold Buyer. Join thousands of people across the country who have hosted the one party you can’t afford to miss: The Gold Party!


Once you fill out the form to the right and Book your Gold Party, one of our Party Reps will contact you within 24 hours to help get things in motion and answer any specific questions you have about the process.


If you have any questions at all, just call us. Thank you for partying with us!



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