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Throw a Gold Party; They’re Fun and Profitable

December 21, 2011

You’ve heard of Tupperware parties, and have probably attended a few jewelry parties throughout the years. Both of those types of “parties” usually pressure the guests, in one way or another, into making a purchase of some sort. The newest type of party sensation requires nothing more from your guests than them being willing to be on the receiving end of cold, hard cash. At this point, you may be scratching your head in confusion and wondering how this is even possible. Isn’t the point of these parties to sell something? If you want to throw a “party” and don’t want your guests to feel pressured into buying anything, then throw a gold party through Party4Gold.


It’s a fun and easy way for you and your friends to make quick cash for whatever charity or fundraiser you wish. All you and your friends have to do is gather up your unwanted gold jewelry you’ve felt pressured to buy at jewelry parties over the years, head to a party thrown by Party4Gold and watch your outdated gold jewelry transform into cash, right before your eyes. And it doesn’t necessarily have  to be gold jewelry; Party4Gold also accepts silver and platinum items in any condition. They are less concerned with the quality of condition of your jewelry, and more concerned with giving you the most money for your items.


Does your son’s soccer team need money for new uniforms? Host a gold party. Does your daughter’s cheerleading squad need extra funds for their upcoming inter-state competition? Host a gold party. They’re fun, easy, and a great way to earn some cash for charities, too. Throw a pink-themed gold party during Breast Cancer Awareness month and donate the funds to breast cancer research, or host a pet-friendly gold party and give the proceeds to the Humane Society. With Party4Gold, the gold party  possibilities are endless.


While throwing a gold party benefits the guests, it has perks for the host as well. Your Party Rep will pay you 10 percent of the total profits from your party, as a way of saying thank you for allowing them into your home. In addition to receiving 10 percent of the total profits, Party4Gold guarantees to beat out any of their competitor’s offers by 5 percent. So, not only are you receiving 10 percent of total profits, but those total profits are guaranteed to be 5 percent higher than any competitor. So if you want to throw a fun party with perks for both you and your guests, then host a gold party through Party4Gold.

Women, Wine, and Unwanted Jewelry

November 29, 2011

Everyone has heard of a Tupperware party, where a group of housewives get together to hear about and buy the newest products available for managing household kitchen needs. Though the parties were most popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s, they still take place today. The Tupperware party played an important part in the development of the feminist movement, as it allowed women to earn income while still maintaining traditional domestic roles, and thus helped further the transition of women into the workforce at large. The hostess of the Tupperware party would gather friends at her house and garner a 10% commission from the total sales booked at the party. Thus the hostess benefited both socially and financially, and the party became a way for companies to forge emotional bonds between their products and their customers. Read more

Party in Gold

November 29, 2011

When you hear the words “gold party,” the first thing that comes to mind might be a potluck dinner hosted by leprechauns. Now, as much fun as that sounds, (who wouldn’t want to go to that?), a gold party in actuality is something much more practical. All across the country people are partaking in gold parties, a social gathering in which friends and family get together to exchange their broken or unwanted pieces of gold jewelry in exchange for cash. Remember those awesome Tupperware parties of the 1980’s? Don’t be ashamed…your hair was a little bit different back then, but we all know it was a phase. Gold parties are kind of like the modern reincarnation of those rocking plastic get-togethers, except you come out with a fat wad of cash when it’s all said and done! Read more

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