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is the fun and easy way for you and your friends to sell your old, used, unwanted or broken Gold Jewelry for Cash! Join thousands of people across the country who have hosted the one party that pays for itself: The Gold Party!

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To Book a Gold Party in your area, fill out the form to the right and one of our Party Reps will contact you within 24 hours.

Most of us have at least one piece of gold jewelry lying around: A ring from an old flame, a pendant from your Aunt Leona or a broken chain you’ve been meaning to fix for years. Let’s be honest – you never wear them and you never will. So why not gather up all your gold items and all your friends and throw a Gold Party!

With Party4Gold, you don't send your jewelry off in an envelope, cross your fingers and hope for a big check. Because we come to you! That's right -- you and your guests will leave the party with a check in hand ready to cash. How can we guarantee that? At the head of your guest list is one of our Party Reps. Our Party Rep will help you plan your Gold Party from start to finish AND be there during the party to appraise your jewelry and cut you and your friends a check on the spot.

All of are Party Reps are Certified Gold & Silver buyers who offer true market value for your jewelry, based on the weight and purity of your gold & silver items.

10% Bonus Commission

For hosting your gold party with Party4Gold, you will receive 10% of the total amount sold at your party. For instance, if the total payout to all of your guests totals $1,000, your Party Rep will leave you with a $100.00 check. That's our way of saying thank you for allowing us and your friends into your home.


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Because Party4Gold is the leader in the gold party business, we guarantee that we will beat out any of our competitors' offers by at least 5%. That's a promise.


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